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The co-founder of the most popular web server in the world Nginx, the rights to which Rambler Group claimed, told the details of the searches that took place all day in the office of the company and at home with its creators. Claims Rambler he connects with the sale of the startup to Americans for $670 million
CEO of the Moscow legal entity Nginx Maxim Konovalov told Forbes that the searches on Thursday took place all day not only in the office of the company, but at home with him and the founder of Nginx Igor Sysoev. “They came to me at 7 am, riot police with machine gunners,” Konovalov said. “Some people went with my photo on the porch and found out where I live, although I never hid,” he said.

According to Konovalov, as a result of the searches, the founders of Nginx took laptops and mobile devices. Both entrepreneurs were questioned for about 4 hours, Konovalov said, refusing to disclose the details of the interrogation.

Came for programmers: why the police searched the company of one of the most successful Russian IT-businessmen

Commenting on Rambler’s claim of infringement of its rights to the product, Konovalov noted that the company has not made any claims against Nginx in the eight years since he resigned. The trigger, Konovalov believes, was the sale of Nginx to the American company F5 for $670 million in March this year. “If we had not sold the company, or sold it cheaply, or went bankrupt, then none of this would have happened,” Konovalov said. According to him, in the near future he and Sysoev are going to develop a plan of protection.

Konovalov also noted that he knows about the support expressed to the founders of Nginx. “I haven’t read the news yet, but I’ve heard about a huge wave of support. Many thanks to everyone, we are just very happy that there is such support, ” he said.

Nginx is one of the most famous and successful IT startups with Russian roots. The company has developed the world’s most popular web server, which is used by such IT giants as Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Yandex and many others, more than 350 million sites. The founders of Nginx are former Rambler employees Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov. In March, they sold Nginx to U.S. company F5 for $670 million.

On Thursday, it became known that the Moscow office of Nginx came with searches, and the founders of the startup were questioned. Rambler on the same day claimed a violation of its exclusive right to the Nginx web server. The rights to claim and sue the Internet holding company has ceded to the Cypriot company Lynwood Investments CY Ltd — it “has the necessary competencies to restore justice in the matter of ownership of rights,” said the press service of Rambler. Lynwood Investments CY Ltd is a Cypriot entity associated with Rambler co-owner Alexander Mamut F 42 (through which he, in particular, owned the British bookstore chain Waterstones).

Sysoev in an interview with the magazine “Hacker” in 2012 said that he worked in Rambler as a system administrator, and programming was not part of his job duties — he wrote programs in his spare time. Former Rambler Executive Director Igor Ashmanov told Forbes that he personally hired Sysoev to the company as a system administrator in 2000. “Then it was agreed that he has his own open-source project and Rambler was given permission to use it, the agreement was such,” says Ashmanov, who left Rambler in 2001. He adds that Rambler has no official tasks or papers that someone instructed Sysoev to develop Nginx, since Sysoev was not a software developer.