[Translation] 52 dataset for training projects

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  1. Mall Customers Dataset — data store: id, gender, age, income, rating of spending. (The version of the application: Customer Segmentation Project with Machine Learning)
  2. Iris Dataset — dataset for beginners, containing the dimensions of sepals and petals for various flowers.
  3. Dataset MNIST — handwritten digits dataset. The 60,000 training images and 10,000 test images.
  4. The Boston Housing Dataset — popular dataset for pattern recognition. Contains information about houses in Boston: the number of apartments the cost of rent, the index crimes.
  5. Fake News Detection Dataset contains 7796 record layout news: true or false. (The version of the application source code in Python: Fake News Detection the Python Project )
  6. Wine quality dataset contains information about the fault: 4898 records with 14 parameters.

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