[Sandboxed] 5 hidden secrets in Java

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hi, Habr! I represent to your attention translation of the article “5 Hidden Secrets in Java” author Justin Albano.

Want to become a Jedi of Java? Uncover the ancient secrets of the Java. We will focus on extending annotation initialization, the comments and the interfaces of the enum.

With the development of programming languages started to appear hidden features and designs, which are never intended by the founders, more subject to universal use. Some of these features become accepted in the language, while others recede into the dark corners of the language community. In this article we will look at five secrets that are often overlooked by many Java developers (in fairness, some of them have a good reason for it). We will look at as options for their use and the reasons that led to the emergence of each function and also some examples demonstrating when it is appropriate to use these functions.
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